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Aline Happ is a musical enchantress, who weaves her spells with her voice and her songs. She is the leader of Lyria, the most important Symphonic Metal band from Brazil. The band has captivated audiences around the world with their powerful and emotional songs.
As a solo artist, Aline Happ explores the realms of Celtic, Folk, Fantasy Rock and New Age music, creating magical versions of Rock and Metal classics and also writing original songs. She is now working on her first solo album, Branching Out, which will be a journey through the wonders of the Fantasy World, mixing renditions with original songs.

Aline Happ invites you to join her on this adventure, and to follow her on social media, where she loves to connect with her fans, talking about music and the Fantasy World.

Aline Happ also loves to be on stage, interacting with her fans. With a remarkable stage presence, she wears Gothic and Celtic-inspired outfits that reflect her style and personality. 

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